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Mathews Triax (AE1235)

Price: $1589.95

Mathews Triax is a compact, maneuverable rig that�s deadly accurate and insanely quiet. Powered by Mathews award winning Crosscentric Cam system and featuring Mathews all new 3D Damping technology, the TRIAX is built on a 28in ATA platform with a 6in brace height and delivers up to 343FPS. second.


* Brace height 6in
* Draw weight 70lbs (50 & 60lbs available too)
* Let-off 85% (75% mods available too)
* Draw lengths 24.5-30.5in
* Bow mass 4.4lbs
* Bow speed IBO 343fps
* Axle to Axle 28in


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