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Mathews VXR28 2020 (AE1235)

Price: $1,785.95

New for 2020!

Mathews VXR28 2020 - 28 axle to axle 2020 Flagship Bow. Featuring an extended, six-bridge riser on the 2020 VXR is designed to cut weight, while adding strength and stability. It holds like a target bow, while maintaining the maneuverability of a compact hunting rig. This new geometry increases cam efficiencies and enhances the effects of 3D Damping to make it the most stable, stealthy platform Mathews have ever built. Features...

* Brace height 6in
* Let-off 85% (75% mods available too)
* Draw lengths 25.5-30in
* Bow mass 4.44lbs
* Bow speed IBO 34fps
* Axle to Axle 28in


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