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Archery and bowhunting is one of the fastest-changing sports you can hope to be involved in.

Equipment evolves, new techniques are always emerging and styles come and go as quickly as you can imagine. These new developments lead to other trends and patterns. On the whole, I’m thrilled to see how the archery and bowhunting is progressing. The fads and the frivolous do emerge, but quickly fade and are replaced by refinements with purpose. Archery and bowhunting is evolving, the same as it always has. If you’re up for it, there is endless opportunity and adventure to be had. And this is just what I and so many other archers and bowhunters are addicted to.


There’s a truth about bowhunting.

There’s a truth about bowhunting – it’s often less about what you harvested and more about how you got there and where you went. Sure, you couldn’t imagine going there without your bow – of course, you just wouldn’t have gone there without it. And with any hunting window that opens, the plan naturally starts with the hunting spot that will give you the best chances. You prepare, you practice and you strategize too. But no matter how good your preparation, how carefully you practice or how good your strategy is, you know, deep down, underpinning all is uncertainty. As a bowhunter you know a bit about uncertainty. The longer you’ve bowhunted the more you’ve embraced it, but you don’t dare dwell there. Instead you hone your skills, you tune your gear, you hatch your plans. And if it wasn’t this way, if the outcome was always guaranteed, would we go?

So why do we bowhunt?

It’s the journey, not the destination…

Some bowhunt because they know it’s not easy…
Some bowhunt to beat their personal best…
Some bowhunt to win…
Some have bowhunted for 35 years…
Some bowhunt because they can…


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