Bowtech Zion DLX Package Compound Bow

Bowtech Zion DLX Package Compound Bow

SKU: AE1011


Bowtech Zion DLX Package Compound Bow – high speed performance and accuracy at a low weight. This lightweight, tight grouping champion of the world provides best in class premium performance, premium materials and superior accuracy the competitors cannot match. Featuring the lightest and strongest material known to mankind, carbon, Zion DLX help archers cover ground, maneuver in the tree and make it happen anywhere with unmatched speed and efficiency. DLX package includes TightSpot Quiver, Black Gold Sight, Ripcord Rest, Octane Stabilizer and Bio Schock Dampeners. IBO Speed up to 335fps, draw length range 23.5 to 30.5in, brace Height 6.625in, 31in axle to axle and a feather weight 3.3lbs bow mass.


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