Diamond Alter RAK Compound Bow

Diamond Alter RAK Compound Bow

SKU: AE1340


Diamond Alter RAK Compound Bow is a split limb design outfitted with Synchronized Binary Cam System. This bow is capable of speeds up to 320fps. Featuring Powershift technology which is a rotating module design for DIY draw length adjustment from 21-31in and a draw weight adjustment of 8-70 lbs. Features Octane Furnace 4-Arrow Quiver, Octane Stryker 5 Pin Sight, Octane Boost 5in Stabilizer, Brush Rest, Carbon Peep and Diamond Wrist Strap IBO Speed up to 330fps, draw length range 21 to 31in, brace Height 7in, 31.5in axle to axle and weight 4.1bs bow mass.


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