Diamond Edge Max Compound Bow

Diamond Edge Max Compound Bow

SKU: AE1340


Diamond Edge Max RAK Compound Bow is a split limb design outfitted with Synchronized Binary Cam System. This bow is capable of speeds up to 314fps. Featuring Powershift technology which is a rotating module design for DIY draw length adjustment from 16-31in and a draw weight adjustment of 2-70 lbs. Features Octane 5-Arrow Quiver, Octane Stryker 3 Pin Sight, Octane 5in Stabilizer, Brush Rest, Carbon Peep and Diamond Wrist Strap IBO Speed up to 314fps, draw length range 16 to 31in, brace Height 7 1/8in, 31in axle to axle and weight 3.7lbs bow mass.


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