Flex It Before You Shoot:

Flex It Before You Shoot:

Quality carbon arrows are a big part of the reason why archers today are so accurate. Carbon arrow durability, spine, weight tolerance and value of money is undeniable. And they also don’t take a bend like aluminium shafts, which is why they are nearly every archers first and only choice for arrows. But even these super tough arrows can be thumped around too much. The last thing you want is to have an arrow fail as you shoot – you risk dry-firing your bow and injuring yourself too. The trick is to “flex it before you shoot”, ie- give your arrow a good looking over and a decent flexing before you shoot it. Personally, I’m pretty lucky with my arrows. They stay in great shape for ages and I often get a decent number of foxes with each arrow. Great shape, that is, until one of two things inevitably happen. Number one is hammering an arrow into rocks after it zips through a fox, it’s nearly always fatal for the arrow (fox too). The second way I lose an arrow is when foxes (and feral cats quite often too) bite the arrow that ‘attacked’ them. This happens when you shoot down on them at close range and the arrow digs into the ground behind them. No matter how fatal and well placed the shot is, that carnivore instinct to strike out is so strong in those fleeting seconds that the arrows cops a few bites. Anyway, never shoot a damaged arrow. It takes a second to check, so make “flex it before you shoot” a new habit every time you have any doubt.

This is what Carbon Express have to say on the matter…


Regardless of material, all arrows can be damaged through use and impact with other arrows or a variety of objects. Arrows may be damaged through impacts with objects (such as roots, trees, fences, posts, rocks, hard ground, target edges, etc.), through misuse (improper maintenance and care, abuse, etc.), and even through impact with each other. The video above demonstrates the potential damage to arrows that may occur. Because arrows may be damaged in a variety of ways, it is vitally important that each shaft be inspected EVERY TIME AND BEFORE EACH USE. All types of arrows can break, especially if misused or abused. If arrows break, they may shatter and cause serious injury or death. Prior to every shot, check for gouge marks, cracks, cuts or any other damage to your arrows. BE SAFE: NEVER SHOOT A DAMAGED ARROW. The method of how to inspect each arrow and what to look for is explained in the video above. For your safety, watch and understand the video prior to shooting any arrow.” More info, visit… www.safearrow.com

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